Thursday, August 17, 2006

excerpts from grade 6

The following are some excerpts from my Grade 6 English test. The prompt was to write their dreams for Namibia. Some of the learners, as evident from their writings took that literally as their actual “dreams” at night.

FYI, “tombo” is home-made beer that is sold around here. It’s usually served out of a plastic barrel that is stirred with a broom handle and comes in XL size pourers – the kind you’d use back home to measure liquids for a recipe. The cost is like N$10 for an afternoon and the better part of a night.

My dreams is about people in Namibia. The people like to kill other people. But am don like that. Also like to fighter every day. But when the people is fight I run away an don like to see people when they are fight. People in otjituuo they like to drink Beer. But in my life I want all Namibian people don not drink Beer. I want look America or German people are good people and America people like Mr. Will. Mr. Will is not drink Beer. Mr. Will is like to drink juice and sugar water.

Namibia is a big country the people do anything that they want to do in Namibia. Namibia have everything that they can do people drink tombo and smell with they mouth.

I dream about my country. The people fight them. The president of Namiiba his said all the police and take the guns and go and kill all the people in Namibia. Of all the police go in the pilot and start in the capital city and gone to other town or the villange and start to kill people. People are outside the police come with big stick and beat people are in the bar and people in the buy food and beat one woman they lose this soap on grownd.If the want to take the police come beat him than people are going to school. One police take him to the car was the big dog with big teeth and that boy are very very run away that dog the run very fast an that police killed that dog and the president said stop this to kill people and beat learners are goint to school.

I dream that I was in Africa. My dream for my country. I dream about flower that was too long that was in my country. It have pink rosess and Green rosess. It was too long look like Makalani tree but is not Makalani tree. I dream that I want my country to look nice. That have green houses and yellow houses. Then my sister call me and say Helena come I want to climb that tall tree and I say no my sister if you climb there the people will be agry with us and bit us And I also have a dream today that I was in the road to going to farm. Then the Black man come out of the big tree near the road. Then he call and say you child come hear and I say no. And the he say come and I say I don’t want what do I going to do there. And he start to run he want to kill me. The he take a big stick and want to bit then I wake up.

If I grow up I want to be rich. When I grow up I will go and find work to do. To buy for my mother the dress. I have a dream. When I grow up I want to go and buy for my sister and my brothers and my father. If I grow up I want to go and buy the new car. If I have my children I will buy for them the clothes. I want the country to nice. Our country must be clean always. We must not do Namibia to be dirty. Our country must not have the bottles and the papers and the plastic. When our teachers Say we must colet paper we must colet them. So that our country must not have dirty. Our country mmust always be clean. When another school are coming to our school our school must be clean. I have a dream. When another school are come they must say our school is very clean Please.


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