Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This might just be a NGO thing but you find yourself uttering endlessly abbreviated sentences like this “So the APCD* emailed me to say that PCVs shouldn’t be working with OVCs because he’s worried I’ll ET before our COS date. I already turned in my CAS marks to the HOD and the PCMO is ok with it. I have a bunch of HCNs onboard as well as the TRC and an FBO. I said, what do you think I am a PCT?!”

*APCD = Associate Peace Corps Director
PCV = Peace Corps Volunteer
OVC = Orphans and Vulnerable Children
ET = Early Termination
COS = Completion of Service
CAS = Continuous Assessment
HOD = Head of Department
PCMO = Peace Corps Medical Officer
HCN = Host Country National
TRC = Teacher Resource Center
FBO = Faith-Based Organization
PCT = Peace Corps Trainnee


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