Monday, November 06, 2006

donations, etc.

as the festive season comes around i've put a button on the site that lets you make donations (on the right panel). the money goes to me and then to the school. the most feasible way i could think of was to use paypal -- you have to sign up with them first if you want to give me money. the reality of donations here is that money is infinitely more useful than sending goods. books donated via m-bags from the us would be only exception to this rule. you can buy nearly everything in namibia that you can get back home. our neighbor south africa is america lite. here is a list of some of the things that i need funds for the school, listed in order of necessity:

100 china shop matresses (cost N$ 80 ~ US$12 each)
50 china shop blankets (cost N$150 ~ US$20 each)
1 new television set (cost N$3000 ~ US$400)
wood for tables/desks (cost N$750 ~ US$100)
100 lbs gravel (cost N$1000 ~ US$125)
2 basketball hoops (cost N$1000 ~ US$125)
assorted balls (cost N$1500 ~ US$200)

we have written to the ministry of education to try and obtain bed frames which would make the situation a little better but for right now there are many kids who have to sleep on the floor without any kind of bedding. of course none of this is sustainable but you'd be sure that the money went to people who really need it.


At 3:32 AM, Blogger epk said...

Hey Will since Im now in the business of making money I thought Id send a few american dollars your way. also i would like to call you soon, can we arrange a time to do that

hope things are going swimmingly

yours truly with admiration, gratitude and semi-hardness

Eivind Peter


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