Friday, May 18, 2007

whew, back in windhoek, but wait, school is postponed??

The Ministry of Education decided to extend our holiday-making until the 28th; however, I did not know that until I flew back from Malawi yesterday. Unfortunate. I could have made it to Zanzibar by now.
Sprinting from Cape Town to central Africa by public transportation was a bit hectic but I must say the trip went swimmingly. Tammer came out for three weeks for "a jol." Highlights included spending time at a Nigerian-run guesthouse where one hour was spent debating if one of the other guests had in fact been seen drinking a Coke that morning. Another guest warned the owner that he would phone the mayor's office when he was denied a candle to take a shower after the power was cut: "I want them to know that I am bathing now in darkness!"


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